Thursday, October 27, 2011

When soldiers Occupied Washington DC: Bonus Army

This is an article from It's an amazing story about the "Bonus Army", another time in our past where Americans protested perceived wrongs.
As I watch news reports and hear from people on the ground in the "occupy" movement, it's sometimes hard to believe that this is happening right now our country. Especially with recent developments such as in Oakland, California, where police attacked protesters with flash grenades, rubber bullets, and tear gas. The video from that situation looked like something we were watching just months ago in Egypt as Mubarak's thugs violently attacked protesters. It is an uncomfortable time.
And so, I offer this to you to lend some perspective. Many in my generation and younger have never really seen this kind of protesting in the U.S., but our country has a long history of American People standing up for themselves and doing this very thing. Enjoy this as one of the many examples.
Agree with the "Occupiers" or not, we should all be defending their right to protest. One day, this could be you or your kids protesting something you believe in.
When the Bonus Army Occupied Washington

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