Monday, March 18, 2013

Silent heroes, we can all be one

Some people quietly get things done. 
They're the quiet, friendly type that you don't pay much attention to. They're kind when kindness is needed and when it isn't.
They blend in the background with the rest of the volunteers at your homeless shelter. They're almost faceless. They stop to help you change your tire, they help push you to the gas station when you run out, they read to children in the pediatric wing, they show up when you need help, they offer the postman a glass of ice water on a hot day, they volunteer at the local fire station, and they take lunch outside to the guys working to restore your electricity when the power goes out. 
        They're the last to complain. In fact, they're usually the ones listening to you complain. They're quiet. They're good listeners. They're usually patient.
         There's almost never any fanfare or celebration when they step up. They're not comfortable with it. They don't self promote. They'd prefer to just do something nice because in their mind, "that's what comes naturally", "it's what people are supposed to do".
Often their ideas are swallowed up by others who take the credit because they desperately need approval of peers or parents or employers. And still other times they're so quiet and modest that their ideas are even attributed to others in their organization because no one remembers who really birthed them. And while this irks them a little, it's not enough to make them stop being who they are. They "need" to do good things. It's almost like it's part of their DNA. They're problem solvers, they love doing good things. They can't help themselves.
Without them, no one would be coaching your little league team while you're too busy. Without them, your kids might not have the school supplies they need. 
They are people at your road race cheering you on, that don't even know you. They are the people in the car in front of you who pay your toll.  They are the people struggling to gather resources (asking for donations) for an underfunded event at your school or rec team. They're doing a career day at your school. They're cleaning the highway you drive to work everyday. They're in the nursing home holding the hands of the elderly with no family left. These people are doing things. Maybe we all should be.
And while this note may compel you to want to thank them, it should not be all you do. And if that's all you believe you can do, I'll ask you to dig deeper . If you feel compelled to do anything, carve out time from your busy schedule, and do something for someone on a regular basis. You can do it.


Anonymous Kevin Harrison said...

Good post Mike! The world would fall apart if not for people who mostly go un-noticed and who are definitely under-appreciated.

March 18, 2013 at 11:11 AM  

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