Friday, July 7, 2017

Our On Demand World

We live in a time of speed... lightening fast internet, On demand video, on demand music, pizza in 30 minutes or less, Amazon same day delivery, Google searches measured in milliseconds, instant messaging, and the list goes on.

We may be the most spoiled rotten society ever in terms of our "on demand" lives. It's not really our fault though. In most cases, it's often required to compete, to keep up with life.

We've gotten so accustomed to things happening fast, however, that we've forgotten that some things in life still require time. As a result, we've become ineffective by our impatience at the things that do, in fact, require time. We quit too early, we get outraged and angry, we stop talking to people. We often immediately define and dismiss others because we process quickly, often without much actual  processing (thought).

Growth, change, social change, development, advancement and relationships all require time. None of these things can be shortchanged on the path of getting desired results.
Our collective impatience brought on by this "on demand" world is making us ineffective at achieving meaningful change in places that matter most. The most successful will always be the ones who know what can be fast and what cannot. Knowing the difference and having the patience and discipline is the most critical skill for thriving in the "on demand" age.
For adults this might seem like a good reminder, but for your kids growing up in this world, I hope you're not taking this for granted. The challenge for them is exponentially more difficult. Be proactive.
Good luck.


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