Monday, December 5, 2011

Barack HUSSEIN Obama

   As we come upon a new election season, I am reminded of how ugly politics can get. 
Shortly after it became apparent that Barack Obama would become a factor in the elections in 2008, some folks in politics decided they didn't like this man with a "different" sounding name.
  Politically, and on the issues, there was plenty for people to attack, but some decided to use his name. While they could have simply stuck to issues of political view or voting record, which in my view would have proven more effective, opponents made an all out effort at using fear to dissuade voters from considering then candidate Obama. 
  This has become the most popular tactic in politics by both the left and the right. The left is consumed with the idea of convincing you that the right hates poor people and minorities and is financially corrupt. The right would have you believe that the left hates America, is unpatriotic, stupid, hates minorities, and are all commies. These are our choices? Great!
  I have noticed that some folks in the "Barack Obama isn't American, is unpatriotic, and is a Communist" crowd are still using, today, some of the tactics that I found unproductive, and frankly dumb. Specifically, they have remained fond of emphasizing his middle name HUSSEIN. They enjoy saying the President's name as Barack HUSSEIN Obama, with an odd emphasis on Hussein. It's interesting.
Hey people, it's been three years. It's okay that his name is different. Now, you not only look dumb, uninformed and bigoted when you use it in that manner, but you also look way out of touch. Do yourself a favor and cut it out. While you're at it, maybe you could invest in a new wardrobe, that Member's Only jacket is a little tired and you can stop rockin' that cassette deck. 
"Husseins need not apply"

I love the name Hussein. It's a great name. It means "handsome or beautiful or good looking".  I have family members named Hussein, my grandfather's name was Hussein and there was King Hussein of Jordan (a wonderful ally of the U.S.). Also, my brother is named Hussein and he's an awesome guy, you should meet him if you haven't (and he doesn't know anybody in Al Qaeda, or even somebody named Al as far as I know).
King Hussein of Jordan

Initially, when candidate Obama's middle name was used, it was during a time when some folks were desperately trying to somehow connect him with terrorist elements or people believed to "hate America". It worked with some folks like this misinformed older lady at a McCain rally: VIDEO- Anti Arab McCain Supporter 

In March 2008, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), predicted Al Qaeda would be “dancing in the streets” if Barack Obama were elected president. 
Shortly after this, the RNC and many others publicly stated that this "tactic" that some were using would not be a "tactic" that they would endorse and shouldn't be used at all. The "tactic" of course refers to the attempt to associate Obama, through the use of his name with Al Qaeda and others opposed to America. Bravo to all who called these folks out for not only attempting to connect Obama with terrorists, but also for the slap against all good people named Hussein.
 It's this last point that bothers me most. These people insulted the intelligence of Americans and insulted Arabs at the same time. They thought simply mentioning the name Hussein would scare people from voting for him. For the record, if the name Hussein scares you, you're a moron. If it doesn't scare you, be aware that the folks who emphasized it over and over think you're a moron.
Besides, it's not the first time we have had someone with a Semitic name in our federal government as noted by Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan in the following piece
Gen. Omar Bradley, who bore a Semitic, Muslim first name, and shared it with the second Caliph of Sunni Islam, was the hero of D-Day and Normandy, of the Battle of the Bulge and the Ruhr.....What about Congressman Darrell Issa of California?(“`Isa” means Jesus in Arabic)....Abraham Lincoln, of course is, named for the patriarch Abraham, from the Semitic word for father, Ab, and the word for “multitude,” raham,. Abu, “father of,” is a common element in Arab names today.

Check out that Lincoln beard...Taliban like?

It's exciting to me that America has embraced so many people with Semitic names. It's particularly exciting because my little ones with middle names Hassen and Hussein live in a country that is smart enough to know better than to be frightened off by bigoted kooks. 
But the rest of you folks out there should be careful. You could be the next you Al Roker. You should never run for office. Think about it...Al Roker....Al Qaeda? Spooky...

A comment pointed out a potential flaw in this blog entry in that I did not cite any current such uses of Obama's middle name. I suppose this is a question of the validity of my claim that this tactic is still being used. The fact of the matter is that you will find thousands of examples in the past 12 months on Google. Forgive me, there were too many to list. 


Anonymous Rick said...


I did a google search of Barack Hussein Obama in quotes... and google returned 2.1 million hits... many from sites like Amazon, the White House, the President's campaign website, ABC News, Wikipedia. There are also respectable blogs like American Thinker, Wizbang and the Volokh conspiracy listed. My own blog has used the President's full name countless times. After all... it's his name.

So it really would help, since you're linking away anyway in the post, to cite a few of these instances where bigoted kooks are using the President's middle name to incite fear and ignorance. I'm sure they're out there but I'm trying to fully understand the point you're attempting to make.

Or, as you've done in the past with your reference to tar ball baby, are you simply attempting to stifle those who disagree with this President?

And oh by the way... you're right to suggest that the President is not a Communist. He's more of a Marxist. Presumably, you're aware that Marxists are huge in fomenting division amongst the classes and combatting capitalism. Presumably you're aware that Marxists call for a revolution amongst the working class (ie... the Occupy Wall Street protests that Obama has endorsed).

I ask you in all seriousness, are people who see Obama as a man driven largely by Marxist ideals kooks and bigots? If so, can you buttress that opinion with some substantiation?

By the way, I like the name Hussein and I especially think highly of your brother Hussein. The tragedy is that the President has besmirched the moniker and not that some are attempting to besmirch the President because of it. That would be a most interesting post but probably defeats your purpose.

December 7, 2011 at 10:03 AM  
Anonymous Rick said...

An additional thought or two Mike...

Are you familiar with Bill Ayers? He's a co-founder of the Weather Underground, a group responsible for public building bombings in the New York area decades ago. Ayers actually planted a bomb himself that resulted in police casualties. Would you agree he was a terrorist? If not, what would you call someone who purposely bombs innocents with the intent to maim and kill? I'm curious.

According to Politico, no conservative site I hope you'd agree, Bill Ayers recently admitted that he hosted a fundraiser for Obama in his living room, something the Obama campaign had vigorously denied in 2008 and something that Sarah Palin was savaged over when she brought it up during the campaign. Today we have a direct tie between a terrorist and our President as reported by Politico, and so I have to ask, does this make them bigoted kooks? I'm wondering.

The reason I think it's important to delve into it that some, like myself, were pointing out before Obama was elected that he had ties to radical people, that those ties suggested that he had motives that didn't align with the vast majority of Americans, and that because of those ties, he was unfit to be President.

No, he isn't a terrorist. And we'll agree on that but I don't think you're trying to defend Obama from the terrorist tag. Nobody in his right mind is calling Obama a terrorist though many would argue that his policies are wreaking terror on the economy.

I frankly don't give a damn about his middle name but I'm not going to stop using it just because there are those quick tp label people bigoted kooks for doing so.

It would seem to me, if we're going to start bandying about the phrase bigoted kooks so freely, that we might look into his ties to a Jew hating, white hating, black segragationist Church where Obama worshipped with his family for over 20 years, 20 years that might perhaps explain why his policies are anti-Israel today and why he seems so hell bent on dividing the American people rather than uniting them. But that, some would suggest, is racist of me. Presumably you'd disagree with them.

I care more about a President who seems to loathe this country. I care more about a President who's quick to blame others and who's apparently, along with Churchill's bust, removed the Buck Stops Here sign from his desk.

And if this makes me a bigoted kook, count me chief amongst them.

December 7, 2011 at 10:46 AM  
Blogger Easmeil said...

I notice you mention my "purpose". I guess you know what that is. I would love to know what you think it is. I'm sure it will be quite entertaining to read. As far as Barack Obama goes, I don't intend in this blog to defend him for his associations just as wouldn't attempt to defend anyone for their associations or actions. They have to answer for those things themselves. I am not interested in trying to find out who believes what with this entry. I will make it as simple as I can. I find it offensive that anyone would use the name Hussein in the way people who oppose the President do. I don't do well with playing the let's pretend it's okay because it's just his name. Most people don't even know the middle names of Presidents. I never heard either Bush's or Clinton, or Reagan, or Carter, or Ford's middle names emphatically said over and over again as this guy. But some folks, seem infatuated with this one. I'm not interested in silencing anyone (as if I could). I just wanted to share some thoughts that this particular manner in which it is used is offensive. And don't kid yourself, people named Hussein do as well, and probably even more so. Again, I don't care what anyone thinks of this President, as far as I am concerned, he's just another politician (and that's probably one of the worst things I could call anyone).

December 7, 2011 at 11:55 AM  
Anonymous Rick said...

I'm trying to ascertain the purpose for the post and so asked some questions in the attempt. Questions I'm not seeing answers for but you're not obliged to answer them.

You've made claims in the post but you've not substantiated them. Given solely on our past discussion on the tar baby episode, I can only conclude that it's yet another defense of Obama but I'll allow that my conclusions are off-base. I'm solely responsible for them and am using my deductive reasoning skills to get there. Perhaps they're flawed.

You've never heard that Bush's middle name was Walker? W.? Seriously? Google George W. Bush and let's talk then about the haters who were using fear and ignorance to get you to stand against him. I suspect however that you wouldn't go there. Again, my suspicions could be off-base.

Mr. Clinton's middle name was Jefferson. It was referenced a ton while he was campaigning... the man from Hope with a Presidential middle name... you missed that? Maybe you're too young to have recalled it...

My only purpose in commenting is to draw you out some in what it is you believe. Apparently you're saying that the post is merely about anti-Arab bigotry. Yep, there's a lot of that out there. And that's sad and tragic. I'm just not sure suggesting those who use the President's middle name are bigoted kooks does anything to help right the wrong. In fact, it seems to me that you're answering generalizations with generalizations.

But let's get down to the brass tacks on this. When you say "I find it offensive that anyone would use the name Hussein in the way people who oppose the President do. I don't do well with playing the let's pretend it's okay because it's just his name."

Fine. Back that up. What people? Cite some examples. Or is it just one or two people? I mean, if it's one or two or even a handful, why bother with the post? It's a waste of time... but if it's something you're suggesting is more widespread, then let's see an example or two.

And again I ask you, there are many who use the President's full name who simply oppose just about everything there is about the guy's policies. Are they bigoted kooks to you? If not, why not? If so, on what basis?

December 7, 2011 at 1:39 PM  
Anonymous Rick said...

The silence... is deafening...

December 9, 2011 at 3:42 AM  
Blogger Easmeil said...

I gave you the only answer that makes sense to me. I am not interested in engaging in a debate that has nothing to do with my message. If you do not like my answer, that's something for you to deal with. Each person, who uses Obama's middle name has to answer that for themselves. I cannot speak for everyone's intent. But I will submit once again that in my lifetime, no President's middle name has been so overused, and with such emphasis. I highly doubt that it's just because they like the way it sounds. As far as your use of it goes, that is a fair question you ask. I know that you have respect and a fondness for my brother, so I will gladly accept that it is not your attempt to use the name with malicious intent. Given this is the case, you can exempt yourself from this critique (and I do as well). But, I hope you will concede that some folks use it for less than honorable reasons. They can keep the accusation. I also don't expect you or anyone else to stop. I would hope that some consideration that people find it offensive (and not because of how it may affect the President) would be taken. But again, that is entirely up to each individual.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

December 9, 2011 at 6:35 AM  
Anonymous Rick said...

There is no doubt in my mind that there are those who use his middle name in a way that's disparaging. They're bigots. And your post and posts like it won't, unfortunately, change things.

There are also those, and I dare say that they outnumber the bigots, who would use this issue to silence the President's critics or who would desire to make the critiques of this President's policies ineffectual.

I saw a correlation here between the use of the race card... and the use of what might be deemed the Hussein card... to paint Obama's opponents with a broad brush...

My assumption is that you'll agree there are those out there... and that they are numerous...

Merry Christmas back at you and the family. May the meaning of the Holiday resonate in your home, and my own.

December 9, 2011 at 8:18 AM  

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